Our Story

Established in 2003, Info Data Place has grown to become a leading business assistant to hundreds of small, medium and large organizations, across the industry sectors. IDP lets you connect with people across the globe with ground breaking ideas; we have been offering various e-mail marketing & Database Marketing services to individuals and organizations who actively seek to connect people to promote their brands and products. Our ideas are coupled along with the cutting edge technology to deliver the finest of service to our clients.

With deep domain knowledge, we have leaped to uncover the efficacious ways for our customers to attempt a daring campaign activity. Apart from our headquarters in the USA we are present in various American, European, Middle East, Asian nations to provide support to our clients globally, try any of your desired products or services from our gamut to get a radical response.

6 Best Reasons to choose InfoDataPlace

  • Covers over 43 industry segments
  • No trail of duplicate or inaccurate records
  • Easily connect with different titles such as top & key decision makers, top professionals, management officials, presidents, sales professionals
  • Save valuable time spent on research and other resources
  • Master Database updated every 60 days to ensure high quality and accuracy in business leads
  • All of our services are in full compliance with CAN-SPAM law and 100% Spam Free leads guaranteed

  • Email Intelligence 95%
  • Prospect Intelligence 90%
  • Industries Covered 85%
  • Marketing Intelligence 98%

Our Team

Infodataplace provides full-service marketing intelligence

We produce actual results for a broad diversity of clients nationwide and overseas. We’re experts at generating new business for them, supporting customers to spend their marketing dollars wisely. We are a team of skilled, senior level consultants who produce winning business strategies and execute the marketing horsepower required to produce clear, recognizable and steady results.

George Joseph
President & CEO

Has nearly 13 years experience in business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing and maintaining business, technological, organizational, and cultural transformation in highly dynamic environments. George has extensive technical, marketing, sales and business management. Expertise in enterprise and client software, distribution and the retail marketplace.Previously, he held key management roles in operations, sales, marketing, and finance at leading corporations including Moz.

Jane Briggs
Founder of Data BIZ

Jane Briggs serves as Director for Infodataplace. She is responsible for developing long-term business relationships with major clients of the firm. Her background and involvement at Info data place has included all elements of the business, with particular focus on new business opportunities and online, offline advertising.

The Marketing Agency

Forward Thinking

Problem Solvers

Best Customer Support

Who We Are

We are a comprehensive data solutions provider, helping Businesses and large enterprises efficiently manage data for marketing and advertising needs. We offer you with hand crafted, specific keys to suit your business requirements.You can utilize our huge B2B database marketing to boost your marketing programs to the right orbit. Apart from data enhancement, data cleansing, and Marketing Database services, we offer consultancy services on Big Data marketing services.

Our Mission

To bring our best-in-class capabilities together to provide a full gamut of Database marketing services across the Globe. To give our customers a competitive advantage through the combination of, processes and technology focused on our clients’ unique requirements.

Our Methodology

Information is wealth and deriving value from it is crucial for any business. Info Data Place can help you modify your email database into a corporate asset and unlock the valuable information contained within email addresses. Email Intelligence result can add consent-based email locations to your existing client database. To Maximize your marketing investments and revenue through Database Marketing.

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