B2C Consumer Email Lists

B2C Email Marketing Lists

Choosing powerful consumer email data has never been simpler.

All of our B2C email Lists can be module shaped and stretched to fit whatever specification you need it to enabling you to email consumers that want to be emailed. The database is filled to the brim with essential information making it easy to create a perfectly targeted B2C email lists connecting you with thousands of your hottest consumer prospects.

Don’t Underestimate The Value Of Simplicity.

To us it’s another word for efficiency… Or effectiveness… Or success. After all, something is only complicated when you don’t understand it. We understand consumer email data. We know how to gather it, shape it, clean it, maintain it and broadcast it. And most importantly, we are aware how to make our B2C email Lists work, allowing our clients to email consumers efficiently.

Segment our consumer list by:

Age Specific,


Interest Specific

Income Specific

Location Specific


Email Intelligence


Prospect Intelligence


Industries Covered


Marketing Intelligence

B2C Consumer Email Lists

Below are just a few of our consumer data fields.

  • Geographical by Country, State, City, Postcode, Radius, etc.
  • Income, Marital Status, Home Owners, Leisure Interests and Hobbies, etc.
  • Home, Car & Travel Insurance Renewal

Data Hygiene

This file is continually updated to ensure maximum accuracy. We broadcast to our entire opt-in email list 5 times a year to remove any bad addresses, ensuring that you get the best deliverability possible on your order. Infodataplace delivers the tools and information your company needs to achieve its ongoing sales, marketing, and promotional requirements in the competitive marketplace.

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