Tracking Email Campaign Performance

Infodataplace Campaigns tracks what take place after you’ve rolled out your email and social campaigns. Analyze your subscribers and customers better with analytic’s. Moreover, compare your email campaigns and identify your subscriber’s likes and dislikes.

When we run an email campaign on behalf of you, we would be sending out creative (which would include your company products, services and offers) to your target audiences’. These creative you can send us or we would create it for you based on what information you would like to include in it.

What is tracking software?

• Once the campaign is rolled out, you would be given tracking software with a Specific Username and Password.

• We have a flexible and effective tracking system that not only helps you to track your email open rates but also tracks the links that have produced the responses. We allow you to refine your future email marketing campaigns to increase your return on investment.

• With the help of tracking software, you could view and keep track on the entire campaign in real time at your fingertips.

After running the campaign, we would provide you with complete report with information of,

  • Reviews (People who have read and reviewed the email)
  • Email Response (People who reply to the emails)
  • Clicks (People who have visited your website following the links in the email)
  • Leads (People who have shown genuine interest in your services)
  • Compare the performance among different mailings
  • View reports broken down by operating system, browser, or specific recipient

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