News Letter Campaign

One of the best ways to get return customers back to your website is with Newsletter Campaigns.

Whatever you call it, Electronic/Email Direct Marketing (EDM), Email Campaigns, Email News or Email Marketing, the primary nature is sending and receiving well-designed advertising emails direct to your prospects. Info Data Place is the right place to carry out your marketing needs. It keeps the corporate houses in touch with its potential prospects. It helps not only to find the potential clients but also to keep the contacts fresh and up-to-date.

Newsletter campaign is a quality tool to boost your business conversion rate. We are aware of its role in your business improvement and hence offer you with the finest newsletter campaign platforms.

Our master data-bank has innovative newsletter campaign platforms and custom-designed templates that would ideally suit your business needs and demands. Newsletter campaigns accelerate the client’s interaction with your business. It allows you to find new prospects, pull traffic to your website and improve customer satisfaction and so on. It assures that your customers revisit your websites in future.

A powerful newsletter campaign platform does all this in a simple and powerful way. We help you to effectively launch your campaign programs at a reasonable price. Our services would bring good fortune to your doorstep.

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