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Email marketing is still considered to be one of the most effective and most efficient ways to connect with potential customers or clients. However, is it still just as effective if your marketing message is directed at other businesses? Business to business marketing can be a tricky pursuit, but with the right business email list, building your list of committed B2B clients, finding new leads, and growing your own business is not as complicated as you once believed.

Why Choose Email?

Email may not be as new as Twitter or as flashy as a banner ad, but it is still the most effective method of online marketing, especially when it comes to other businesses. The right business email address list will get you in touch with people and businesses that live and die by their email. Busy people rely on their email to bring them all of the most pertinent and useful information, and when you have a list of business email addresses, your message can be among that information.

As a business owner yourself, you probably know how little time an owner or employee has to go out and track down their own connections. Your email will bring the necessary information and connection right to their inbox.

Email marketing is also one of the easiest campaigns to track. Most distribution services give you the ability to see who opened your emails and when, if any links inside the email were clicked on, and even if your emails are being deleted or put into the spam folder instead of being opened.

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Why Choose Infodataplace?

A list of random email addresses is not going to fit the bill. Some services will give you a business email list that consists of only dead accounts or is not targeted. We send only the active addresses, with targeted information to ensure that your information gets into the right hands. While you might think that blanketing the highest number of addresses is the best way to get the highest number of responses, the more targeted your list and the message is, the more likely you are to see real results.

  • Source over 46 million active businesses globally.
  • Infodataplace adds 200,000 new businesses each month.
  • The Right Business Email List

Choose from a range of demographic information, including location, ownership, sales volume, number of employees, etc. The right business email list lets you pick and choose the businesses most likely to respond to your marketing message and that is what our service does with the business email list! Buy email lists for healthcare industry at a best discount price.

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