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Targeted email lists are one of the most powerful forms of marketing in business. It doesn’t matter how great your new toy is or how wonderful your service could be if you don’t market to the right people you won’t sell anything. That’s why Info Data Place has a range of targeted email marketing lists available for you. You’ll get the right products in front of the right sets of eyes.

However, emails are not like any other direct forms of marketing. You need to think carefully about whether a targeted email list for sale is for you or not. Some of the factors are technical You need to consider whether your IP address is configured right for sending out bulk emails, and about the HTML within your emails. It’s important that your emails follow the CAN-SPAM regulations. Otherwise, you could break the law with your materials. Yes, legitimate email marketers often overlook the regulations and end up in big trouble!

Once you’ve got through all this, you need to consider the use of your targeted email lists. Email is certainly more affordable since you don’t have to pay for postage. However, there are so many different rules, and types the subject line is crucial according to 41% of survey respondents when they decide whether to open an email or not. If you don’t get people to open your email, then you’re not going to sell even if you have the best target email marketing lists!

Another factor is knowing and trusting the sender. It will improve as your customer base increases.

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Put Yourself Ahead with Info Data Place Targeted Email Marketing Lists

Info Data Place already has 12 years of experience in email marketing. We make finding the right targeted business & consumer email list for sale extremely easy. We will look through your campaigns, and make sure all the requirements has met. We’ll consider click-throughs, response rates and sales before deciding whether a list could be right for you.

The list will pay for itself. With the right list, you’ll get the sales and increase your bottom line instantly. Our lists are developed through research and brokerage, to make sure they are the best.

As well as selling you the targeted email lists, we have tracked them with our advanced, customized software. You will see the results, and we’ll offer a full analysis to help you improve your email marketing campaigns.

Want to know more about our methods of developing targeted email marketing lists or the CAN-SPAM policy? Please get in touch via email or phone and a member of our team will be happy to help. Let us help you create the best possible email marketing campaign.

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