The Integrated Solution for Scrubbing data and Data Quality.

With sharp increase in the volume and range of data flowing into today’s businesses and public organizations, scrubbing Data the process of identifying and replacing inaccurate, invalid, or outdated data has become an ongoing challenge for time-pressed IT departments.

InfoDataPlace, the leading provider of open source data management solutions, recognize that an integrated, inclusive approach is the most efficient and powerful way for companies to achieve and maintain clean, high quality data. InfoDataPlace Enterprise Data Quality is an integrated solution that enables companies to manage all facets of data scrubbing and data quality management from a single unified console.

Benefits Of scrubbing data:

  • We ensure accurate, complete and up-to-date data.
  • Eradicate duplication and provide fresh and quality data.
  • Help you launch effective and successful marketing campaigns.
  • We help you to boost sales, and to build stronger as well as more money-making customer relationships.
  • We provide services at affordable prices.
Scrubbing services

The scrubbing Data procedure usually consists of deduping processes that put a stop to duplicate records from being reported by the system. Intimate Data’s scrubbing /cleansing, data analysis and data enrichment services can help improve the quality of data. These services include the aggregation, organization, and cleansing of data. These data scrubbing /scrubbing and enhancement services can ensure that your databases – Email Data, Phone data, and Postal addresses etc. – are current, accurate and complete.

Often the existing data has no consistent format being derived from many sources. Or it contains duplicate records/items and may have missing or incomplete contacts. InfoDataPlace scrubbing Data process fixes outdated emails, incorrect phone numbers etc. The data is normalized so that the client can use it for their multi channel marketing purposes.

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