SIC Code Mapping (Standard Industrial Classification)

The Standard Industrial Classification (abbreviated SIC) is a United States government system for classifying industries by a four and six-digit code.

Add 4 or 6-digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes to the business records in your database. Use Info Data Place Prospects SIC code mapping & appending Services to classify the most approachable industry types and to acquire more leads like your best customers. Add SIC codes to your records to know more about your prospects, to focus on prospects in markets most likely to respond and to establish your perfect business markets with the help of sic code mapping & appending Services.

SIC Codes Appending – For Laser Targeted Marketing

Appending sic codes makes your effort to reach your targeted audience much easier.  Professional business marketers use SIC-oriented targeting to segment the data based on the industry type.

SIC code append enables you to compile targeted and industry-type marketing campaigns. Utilize the SIC codes to reach your customers or develop new partners.

Example of a four and six-digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC Code)

  • 6324 – Hospital and Medical Service Plans
  • 6531-01 – Relocation Service
  • 6531-02 – Office & Desk Space-Rental

The 6-digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code using complete information from over 20 million business establishments and professionals. This information is simplified monthly with Change of Address (NCOA) data and annually with business establishment survey data. You can use SIC Codes to define the industrial makeup of your database and to gain insight into the business activities of your list. This service SIC code Mapping at a rate of 45% to 55%.

  • Business Status Code – Headquarters, Branch or Single Location.
  • Employee Size – Actual or Range
  • Annual Sales Volume – Actual or Range

Advantages of SIC code appends:

  • Enable personalised marketing, based on Industry Profiles
  • Reach targeted businesses
  • Increase lead generation and Return on Investment

Required Fields:

Company, Address, City, State and  5-digit postal code

Get Matched With:

SIC Code / Industry Type

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